5 Best Tips for Changing Schools

Like with moving to a new country, moving to a new school can be its own challenging experience. It can be a stressful situation for everyone involved. However, the techniques for  adjusting to a new school are not so different for adjusting to life in a new country like Korea. Here’s an outline of basic steps on how to best prepare your child for going to their new school. 


1. Prepare in advance 


Just like planning out for your move to Korea, it’s important to plan out the steps for moving from school to school. Get to know the school as much as possible, including reading the school handbook. The rules for your new school might not be the same as the ones in your home country. Go over them with your son or daughter if you think they might not know some and make sure that they understand the dress code, especially if there’s a uniform involved. 


2. Get to know the teachers 


One big step that might help a lot with moving anxiety is having your son or daughter meet with teachers at their new school in advance. Since it’ll be an international move, feel free to try and get a Skype call through your computer or phone. It might even be possible to get some talk time with a student or potential new classmate. If you are doing an international school in Korea, they can be pretty expensive by their own right so it’s good to do research and test out the atmosphere before committing to a single school. 


3. Go over the first day 


Especially if you have a younger child in elementary or middle school, then you might want to consider planning or going over the first day of school in advance. It might help prevent embarrassing moment or feeling out of sync with the rest of his or her classmates. It’ll also help everyone from feeling rushed in the morning or missing the bus. 


4. Just like test prep


Just like when you have an important test or presentation, it’s essential to make sure that your child has a good night’s sleep the night before and a hearty breakfast in the morning. For that first day, leave early so that you and your child can feel a little relaxed. All of these small things will help alleviate a lot of the pressure that comes with changing to a new school. 


5. Sign up for clubs and activities 


If you know your child has a particular interest like soccer or chess, think about signing them up right away for a club or group centered on that interested. It’ll give them a great and easy way to meet new friends and socialize. It’ll also give them something to look forward to when they start their new school. If they feel like there’s something there that they love or are good at, they’ll be more likely to be eager and happy to start the school day.


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