5 Korean Language Schools in Seoul

5 Korean Language Schools in Seoul


Learning the Korean language gives an edge to those foreign individuals who are residing in South Korea. It gives them the advantage to be able to socialize with the locals and it keeps them relevant in the community especially since English is not a major language used in the city. Listed below are some of the recognized language institutions where foreigners can have the opportunity to learn the Korean language and master it like a pro. 

(Note: prices and schedules as of July 10, 2020)


1. Best Friend Korean Language Center

Photo Courtesy of Best Friend Korean Language Center Website


Best Friend Korean Language Center is a commissioned institution that started as an online website that caters to foreigners for them to gain more information about studying in South Korea and learn useful tips and how-tos. In 2006, the language center was established in Seoul with more than 1 million members from different nationalities, and today, it is recognized as one of the best language and cultural exchange institutions in Seoul. Best Friend Korean Language Center is open to all foreigners who are eager to learn the language for conversational, business, educational, and naturalization purposes. The classes are offered in both day and night shifts. Foreigners can enroll themselves in regular Korean class, one-on-one private training program, business Korean course, or in TOPIK Korean exam class. 


Address: 5,6F, 21, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul   

Tel: 02 365 9875

Website: https://www.bestfriendcenter.com/en/


2. Seoul Global Center

Photo Courtesy of Seoul Global Center Website


Fortunately, for someone tight with their budget, there’s a global community in Seoul that offers free Korean language classes to foreigners. The Seoul Global Center is a government established organization that assists and helps expats to navigate their life and familiarize themselves with how to be a local in Seoul. Seoul’s Global Center Korean language program is divided into two categories: the regular course and the TOPIK preparation class. The regular course is offered for 12 weeks with textbooks commissioned from Sogang University while the TOPIK preparation class is offered for 8 weeks only and it focuses on students who are intensively reviewing for TOPIK class and get their desired level accreditation. The enrollment is on-site and it is on a first come first serve basis, foreigners only need to present their passport or an alien card and a colored ID picture for registration.



Address: 4~5F Seoul Global Center, 38, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea, 03188

2003-2020 Seoul Metropolitan Government 

Tel: 02 2075 4162

Website: http://global.seoul.go.kr/user.do?menu_id=0407000000&site_code=0101


3. Ganada Korean Language Institute 

Founded in 1991, Ganada Korean Language Institute is the first Korean Language School established in the country. Their instructors are composed of people from different nationalities and they are equipped in teaching Korean as a foreign language. The institution has 3 branches in Seoul and 1 in Japan and each month, they gather at least 400 students in total that are enrolled in different categories. In the Ganada Korean Language Institute, they provide placement tests to foreigners and it allows them to determine in which level they are suitable for. For foreigners who are looking for a great foundation to start learning the language, Ganada’s curriculum includes an introduction to the Korean alphabet or hangul, pronunciations, basic greetings, verb usage, conjugation, and proper utilization of Korean numbers. Moreover, because of the Pandemic, classes are limited on-site, but Ganada provides online classes to their students, allowing them to study and learn the language in the comfort of their homes.


Address: Sungdo Bld. 3F, 15, Donggyo-ro 25-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea, 03992 (Main Campus)

Tel: 02 332 6003

Website: http://www.ganadakorean.co.kr/e_index.php


4. Green Korean Language School

Photo Courtesy of Green Korean Language School Facebook


Strategically located in the heart of Seoul, Green Korean Language School is an academy suitable for foreigners at any age. In the academy, individuals are given a chance to digest and learn the Korean language like a native. Classes are offered through regular sessions, online courses, TOPIK preparation, intensive conversational and pronunciation, a class for young kids, and private one on one sessions through home visits. Furthermore, the academy also has special cultural courses such as Taekwondo, KPOP dance, Kimchi making, and a curated class about Korean culture. Another feature of the academy is the accommodations and hostel set-up they provided to their students who are studying in the academy. These rooms can be availed as a package together with the semester tuition. 



Address: 6-7F, Cheonggecheonro, Jongnogu, South Korea

Tel: 02 732 1128

Website: https://greenkoreaneng.imweb.me/


5. YBM Korean Language Institute 

YBM Institute is named as the pioneer of teaching foreign languages in South Korea. As the biggest education center, it is only the institute in South Korea that releases books, publications, and magazines that tackle learning the fundamentals of Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese language and culture. YBM has 3 main branches and they are located at Jongno, Gangnam, and Sinchon. Individuals interested to apply in this institution will be asked to take a placement test to determine which category level they will be placed. Individuals will get to choose which curriculum set-up they want to take, they can go for the regular classes or the interesting set-up of learning the language through Korean dramas. The institution also uses teaching materials with language books from Sogang University. By the end of the semester, YBM is confident that all their students will be equipped with enough knowledge and attitude to allow them to speak and converse in Korean. 



Address: 104 Jong-ro, Jongno 2(i)-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul   

Tel no:  02 2278 0509

Website: https://www.ybmedu.com/hakwon/kli/int_academy_eng.asp


Koreans are generous enough to provide these local language institutions to those foreigners living in the city. Though not mandatory, it is still advantageous for an expat to learn the native language for them to easily communicate with the locals without any problems. These institutions are the most recognized in the city, though it is still better if one should research these institutions especially if the individual is looking for a specific reason to learn the language. Be reminded that not all of them ask for the same requirements when it comes to registration. There are website links and telephone numbers provided by each school that individuals can connect to in case they have further questions and inquiries about the programs offered by these language academies. 


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