A Step-by-Step Guide To Sign Up for Free Korean Classes By the Korean Government

A Step-by-Step Guide To Sign Up for Free Korean Classes By the Korean Government

The key to completely embracing South Korea is learning the language. Korea provides a wealth of options for personal and professional advancement. Foreigners living abroad have a unique opportunity to interact with South Korea's lively society by taking Korean language lessons at foreigner assistance centers established by the government in Seoul. We will lead you through the registration procedure for these sessions in this guide, allowing you to start an exciting adventure in language learning!


Step 1: Determine Eligibility

Verifying your eligibility is the first step to signing up for free government Korean classes. Foreigners living in South Korea with valid visas can enroll in these classes, but some centers might have different criteria, so it’s crucial to consult the official website of your local center or to pay them a visit.



Step 2: Research Language Centers

Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you should look into foreigner centers. In many parts of South Korea, there are government-sponsored language programs accessible in foreigner support centers. Each center has its own curriculum and teaching style. To make an educated choice, take into account variables, including class times and course lengths.

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Step 3: Gather Required Documents

Ensure that you have the required documentation prepared before enrolling in the classes. A completed application form, a copy of your passport, or an alien registration card are frequently required papers. It is advised to check the language center's website or get in touch with them personally to confirm the precise documents needed.

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Step 4: Submit the Application

Send your application to the language center after you have acquired all the necessary paperwork. Depending on the facility, the application procedure may differ significantly, but it usually entails filling out an online or paper application form and attaching the required paperwork. Any application deadlines should be noted, so make sure you submit your application by the due date.

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Step 5: Placement Test

To evaluate candidates' language skills and decide the proper level of teaching, some language centers may ask you to take a placement exam. The placement test's goal is to match your present level of Korean language proficiency with a class that matches your ability best. It is not always the case, though.

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Step 6: Enrollment Confirmation

The language center will send you an enrollment confirmation when you've finished the application and placement exam (if necessary). Important information, including your class schedule, the start date, and the location, will be included in this confirmation. Many government centers are running these language courses virtually, so there’s no need to attend a physical classroom. Make sure you thoroughly read this material and note any extra prerequisites or instructions that may be given.

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Step 7: Attend Orientation

Some language centers hold orientation meetings for new students before the start of their lessons. You become acquainted with the curriculum, the standards for the classroom, and any additional resources that are available to aid with your language acquisition during these sessions. Although the classes are free, you may need to buy a physical book in order to follow along with the lesson or complete homework. 


Contact Information

To find your nearest government Korean language course, use this website for Seoul: https://global.seoul.go.kr/web/main.do?lang=en



Foreigners who enroll in free government Korean classes have a greater chance of being immersed in the local Korean community, and it’s an opportunity to form close relationships with other foreign students. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn Korean at no cost and broaden your knowledge of the place you now call home!

Please leave a comment if you have any other useful information for other foreigners beginning government-run Korean classes.