Abortion Law in Korea

Under Korean law, it is illegal to have an abortion in Korea except under certain extenuating  circumstances. These extenuating circumstances include being raped or have a medical condition that makes it unsafe to give birth. What events constituent these circumstances is written out in the law, and if you are able to argue your case, it is possible to legally have an abortion. If you are considering an abortion, then it is strongly encouraged to consult a gynecologist or your doctor about it. They can give you advice on giving birth or having an abortion in Korea. They will be able to give you pertinent medical and maybe even legal information about abortions in Korea. In Korea, it’s perfectly acceptable to have conversations with a medical professional about abortion.


If you feel like you need to speak with a professional, but don’t feel comfortable approaching your doctor or gynecologist, you could consider getting in contact with someone in a different clinic for a consultation. Many doctors and medical professionals working in a clinic would be willing to do a separate consultation.


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