Birth Registration and Citizenship in Korea for My Newborn

Once your baby is born, one of your first steps should be getting all your paperwork squared away. Depending on your home country, and how long you plan on living in Korea, you might want to make sure that your new son or daughter gets the appropriate birth registration done. Most of the work should be done through your embassy. You can get in contact with your embassy for further details, but the general process involves filling out a report of a birth abroad. 


Once that registration is complete, you can have official records drawn up for your child’s citizenship. For a lot of countries, as long as you register before they turn 18 years old, you can give your child official citizenship. However, you do not want to push this registration process back. Without citizenship, your son or daughter might not be able to receive his or her passport or in the case of the United States, a social security card.


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