Breastfeeding and Formula in Korea

Breastfeeding is common in Korea. Most mothers in Korea breastfeed, and in some public areas and large businesses, you’ll even find nursery areas where you can breastfeed. How long you breastfeed should be in consultation with your doctor, but if you are thinking about turning to formula, know that it is a completely viable option in Korea. Korean stores carry several different brands of formula, and you might even be able to find some interesting and new methods of formula. For example, some stores carry formula in plastic bottles that come with nipples on the top. Some carry formula in little packets, not unlike the hot chocolate and coffee packages, for more convenience. For older babies, you can even find pre-made formula bottles, not unlike those in a juice box. They’re refrigerated so you have to make sure that they carry at the right temperature. You should also consult the instructions on the box to make sure that the style and type of formula is appropriate for the age of your child.


There are also some potential alternatives to milk that you can give your child, the older they get. Barley water, for instance, is something that a lot of Korean parents give their children. They believe that it’s healthier than just plain water. It’s also possible to find goat milk baby formula. While more expensive, it helps babies who are struggling with lactose intolerance. You can even find yogurt for babies (usually 6 months and older) as well in stores.


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