Children's Fitness in the City

If you’re living in the middle of the city of Seoul, it might be difficult to find a good place to let your child run around and play. While many neighborhoods will have small playgrounds nearby, they might not be as satisfying as what you had in your own home country. Thankfully, there are a lot of options available instead of taking an hour-long trip to Olympic Park or Namsan Park every day. Recently, because of increased time spent studying and in schools, Korean parents have been looking for ways to get more play time and fitness into their lives. That’s true whether your child is a toddler or hitting their teenager years. 


For younger children, especially those in elementary school, there are many different types of cafes all across Korea that double over as a play gym. Many fitness centers also offer a play gym for younger children. Sometimes there’s play classes available to sign them up for or it might be a regular play room where you just show up. 


For middle school and above, there are fitness centers and gym memberships available. You can sign up for classes or exercise programs. There are also sports classes available including TaeKwonDo and martial arts classes. Popular sports in Korea also include table tennis, soccer, swimming, and so on. 


The great thing about these types of fitness programs, many of which are based on U.S. exercises, is that many times they are taught in English. So many Korean parents are looking to help improve their child’s English skills, and this is one way they can do it. That means that English-speaking children will have a much easier time finding a class or gym that they enjoy. Signing up for a gym membership will not only ensure that your son or daughter stays healthy, but it also gives you and your child the opportunity to mingle and socialize with with moms and dads.


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