Finding an English-Speaking Pediatrician

Regardless of whether it is for a small cold or a more severe illness, having a pediatrician you trust can help alleviate stress from dealing with a health issue while in a new and unknown country. Korean healthcare in general has an excellent reputation for having quality medical systems for sensible prices. The Korean government provides regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical licensing for doctors. Doctors and hospitals undergo the same rigorous attention that most industrialized nations would provide. Korean doctors have to go through medical school, residency, and so on just like Western nations. Because of this, it is common for many doctors to be able to speak English, at least within their area of specialization. If you find yourself trying to speak with a receptionist who doesn’t speak English, don’t lose heart. More likely than not, there will be an English-speaking nurse or doctor available. 


NOTE: While Korean clinics and hospitals have a good reputation in general for the medical services that they provide, it is not always a good idea to trust the billing process. More often than not, a clinic that advertises English-speaking doctors will increase the prices for examinations and visits. Sometimes it can even be triple or quadruple of what most doctors would charge a native Korean. This might be worth the price of having an English-speaking doctor, but some doctors charge more than others. Carefully evaluate your options before committing to a doctor. 


If you have it, before you take your child to a clinic or hospital, call ahead to make sure that they accept the insurance provided for you by your employer. It is rare to have any trouble with the Korean National insurance plan, but always check ahead about private plans or when using travel insurance.


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