How to Get a Taxi To and From Seoul and the Airport

How to Get a Taxi To and From Seoul and the Airport


Seoul, South Korea is tagged as a “taxi-first country” where getting-around by taxi is a popular form of public transportation. Grabbing a cab is convenient both for locals and foreigners since taxi stands are available in the busiest streets of the city. 


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Various colors, sizes, and models of cars are seen operating in the area. Standard Taxis are the orange taxis which are the most basic and affordable options among all types. Electric Taxis are blue-colored sedan taxis that are environment-friendly, Coop Taxi, or Taxi Cooperative Network operates the light yellow-colored taxis found in South Korea, Deluxe Taxis are more expensive as it offers a luxurious ride from the sedan model to its interior, Van Taxis can accommodate five to ten people but have higher fare rates similar to deluxe taxis, and International Taxis are foreigner-friendly.

These taxis have their own fare meter. But since fare varies from one taxi to another and is determined depending on the pick-up point and destination, you may check the estimated cost with a Taxi Fare Calculator before hailing one. 



Hailing a Taxi To and From Seoul and the Airport

Whether you are arriving or going to the Incheon International Airport or Gimpo International Airport, flagging taxis is the most convenient transportation mode since you might be carrying luggage with you, and taxis are available 24/7, unlike the Incheon Airport Railroad. 

The travel time from Incheon International Airport to Seoul via taxi, which is 30 miles away, is around 60 minutes, and approximately amounting to 44,000 KRW. On the other hand, hailing a taxi to and from Gimpo International Airport costs around 15,000 KRW, and you will get to your destination in just 25 minutes, considering Seoul is just 14.75 miles away. Both journeys will be calculated using a taximeter. 

While one can catch a taxi on the streets, another way is by reserving and booking a taxi using mobile applications and websites. This allows the rider to have a secured mode-of-transportation wherever the destination will be. In addition, another great benefit of booking through these platforms is the pre-calculated rate is already available upon inputting the pick-up point and destination.



International Taxi Service

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International Taxi Service is specifically designed for English speaking riders. It can be easily spotted in the road, it is often a black sedan with an orange label “International” on the door. The rates for this type of taxi is a little bit more expensive as the drivers are proficient in several languages such as English, Japanese, or Chinese. 

Booking a taxi from their website allows one to choose a medium taxi that could fit 3 people and 3 pieces of luggage, a model taxi for 3 people and 4 pieces of luggage, and a large taxi for 7 people and 7 pieces of luggage. Payments can be made with cash or credit card. 

These taxis can also be booked for city tours within Seoul or nearby suburbs. 


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Korea Taxi

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Book your transportation with Korea Taxi using WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, Viber, Line, or email from 06:00 to 21:00. Indicate the date and time, type of vehicle, pick-up location, and destination. Their airport transfer services also offer a sedan for three people and a van for seven passengers, both with wifi on board. This taxi company also welcomes reservations for day trips near Seoul such as Nami Island and Petite France. 

They also offer services from Incheon Airport to Myeongdong, Seoul, and vice versa. Choose between their flat fare and meter base pricing, depending also on the car type from sedan to jumbo van to premium sedan. Moreover, this company offers one-way taxi services to and from Incheon Airport and Seoul Downtown. 


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K-Van Limo

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Operating for over 14 years now, K-Van Limo ensures quality, safe, and comfortable private services, from airport booking to city-to-city services. Aside from their English-speaking chauffeur, they also take pride in customer service satisfaction. 

They offer a fixed price for their services. Their website provides all the details you need for your trip, including the price, service code, pickup and dropoff location, time, car model, number of seats, waiting time, and mileage. Aside from discount product services, special requests are also available. 

In terms of their airport transfer services, K-Van Limo offers at least 150 USD taxi service to and from Incheon Airport. They make sure to provide Covid-19 protected vehicles, equipping their drivers and vehicles for the clients’ safety. For reservations, they require a 48-hour window period before your arrival date. 


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Kakao Taxi

Kakao Taxi is a subsidiary of the Kakao Mobility Corp. and allows users to book taxis in advance or on-the-spot using their mobile phones.  The apps are available in English making it great for expats and tourists. Hailing a ride from these apps allows the rider to pay using their KakaoPay account, credit cards, and cash. What makes their app convenient is it allows the rider to see the location of the car in real-time before and during the ride. After inputting the pickup point and destination, the rider will also find the taxi options available and the maximum estimated price of the fare, this is still subject to change upon arrival in the destination. 

Finally, for the rider’s safety, the driver’s information is also available in the fare information found on the app, previous riders may have also left their reviews and comments regarding their ride and experience with the driver. 




Welcome Pickups

While the airport is known for its busy and stressful environment, Welcome Seoul promises to provide its clients stress-free and easy journeys from Incheon or Gimpo Airport through their professional, hand-picked, and English-speaking local drivers. Aside from always being on time, their drivers closely monitor their client’s flight details, so no need to worry if your arrival or departure got delayed for they will be waiting for you. 

Available 24/7, their taxi services, which require booking and reservation, have the same price as the regular taxis. Get a price quote before confirming your reservation and experience a service without any hidden fees. Just type your pick-up and drop-off locations, date and time, and the number of travelers, and you’ll immediately get a quote. 


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Taxis in Seoul are made more convenient for locals, foreigners, and tourists with these options. Hailing a taxi is a good option either through early booking or flagging one on the streets. So whether or not you are going to and from the Seoul Airport, you can download your preferred applications or bookmark your chosen websites to help ease your transportation, day in, and day out. 


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