Korean Medicine Cabinet Essentials for Babies and Kids

Korean Medicine Cabinet Essentials for Babies and Kids


If you’re living in Korea and have a little one at home make sure that you have these Korean essentials on hand! They’re all easy to buy and find at any local pharmacy (약국) or well-stocked medicine aisle at your local supermarket. Make sure to use this guide if you need to pick up any medicine cabinet essentials without having to shop online.

It is important that you have these on hand at all times in an easily accessible place to be prepared for any bumps or scrapes your little one may come across. Make sure to check the best-by-date frequently so that you aren’t using any expired medication! Here is a list of what to buy:


1. A Container For Your Essentials

A plastic box without a lid that you can use easily and quickly is best. When you’re in a hurry, opening a box seems like the most impossible thing to do. Just purchase any box that fits into your cabinet.


2. Ointments, Salves

후시딘 (Fucidin) - Antibiotic and for cuts 

  • Contains 20 mg/g of Fusicidic Acid Sodium

  • Apply to the cleaned wound, 1~2x daily as needed.

Kids always seem to have a cut or scrape. Just from taking a walk, they seem to get scrapes. From tripping, fighting, playing… they’re in danger of getting a scratch from anywhere and everywhere. This is the best to treat any cuts that your kid may get! 


비판텐 (Bepanthen) - Ointment for skin conditions

  • Contains 50 mg/g of Dexpanthenol

  • Apply to the cleaned area, 1-2 times daily as needed

Not being a steroid cream or antibiotic, this is widely used by mothers of newborns to adults. It is regarded as the king of all ointments to use for any skin problem from diaper rashes to summer heat rashes. Adults with sensitive skin also use this fairly often.


리도맥스 (Lidomax) - Weak steroid cream for skin problems

  • Contains 3 mg/g of Prednisolone Valeroacetate

  • Apply to the cleaned area, 1-2 times daily as needed.

A very weak steroid cream that can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription, this is widely used by parents when 비판텐 just won’t cut it when kids scratch and scratch and scratch. This can be used on dry skin, psoriasis, and bug bites. If you are worried about it being a steroid cream, please go to a dermatologist to get a diagnosis and prescription.   


버물리 키드 (Bumooly Kid) - For itchy skin, and bug bites

  • Contains 5mg/g of Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate,  10mg/g of Dexpanthenol, 10mg/g of Diphenhydramine, and 10mg/g of Tocopherol Acetate

  • Apply to the cleaned area, 1-2 times daily as needed. 

A cream widely used to help with bug bites, itchy skin, eczema, and heat rashes, the Kid version can be used by month old babies. Almost every kid in Korea has had this ointment applied to them once in their lifetime. Perfect for the hot, humid summer months, it is a must-have for any parent! 

Make sure to check the box or the edge of the tube to check the best-by-date. If you aren’t sure, please don’t use it! Also, if you’re unsure, always confer with your pediatrician!


3. For Colds and Fevers

It is best to have a couple of these that contain different medicines. The two most common, even in Korea, are ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Even with these medicines labeled for children, please check with your pediatrician or family doctor before using, as your child's age and weight can determine what they can take.  

If you can, buy the ones that are packaged in little sticks for one-off use, instead of large liquid bottles or pills. While they are a bit more expensive, they are easier to administer and the possibility of the medicine going bad after being opened is much less. 


Acetaminophen-based medicines


챔프 시럽 - 핑크 (Champ Syrup - Pink)

  • Contains 32mg/ml of Acetaminophen

  • For children under the age of 12, consume 1 packet every 4-6 hours, not going over 5 packets a day.


콜대원키즈 펜시럽 (Coldaewon Kids Fen Syrup)

  • Contains 32mg/ml of Acetaminophen

  • For children under the age of 12, consume 1 packet every 4-6 hours. Do not consume more than 5 packets a day. 

When taking care of my baby cousins, these are the best. When they ever get a slight fever it’s easy for kids to consume, as all they have to do is slurp up the cherry-flavored syrup as they would with a straw. 


Ibuprofen-based medicines


챔프 시럽 - 파란 (Champ Syrup - Blue)

  • Contains 20mg/ml of Ibuprofen 

  • Children should consume the allocated amount ranging from 3ml to 13ml based on age no more than 4 times a day.  


콜대원키즈 이부펜시럽 (Coldaewon Kids Ibufen Syrup)

  • Contains 20mg/ml of Ibuprofen

  • For children under the age of 12, consume up to 1 packet every 4-6 hours up to 4 times a day. 

For each, please check the chart on the back of each box or container to check how much your child should consume. The charts will use age or weight in kilograms to decide this, so make sure to have it converted! They may also use milliliters or the word 포. 포 denotes a sachet or stick of medicine. And again! If you aren’t sure, check with a doctor! 


4. 열냉각시트 (Cooling Sheets)

These are small gel sheets that are activated when you open them from their individual wrapping. They can be used to reduce a fever, or help when kids have signs of a slight heatstroke. This is also just great if your child is showing signs of discomfort on a hot summer day!  These are fun for kids to choose also, as the ones marketed towards kids have fun characters on them from Pokémon to Pinkfong!


5. 밴드류 (Bandages)

There are many types of bandages available in the market. From pharmacies to your neighborhood convenience stores. They have many types, from the average bandaid to fabric bandages. They also come in different patterns and character prints! 

A type of bandage that is useful to have around are hydrocolloid bandages (하이드로콜로이드밴드)  that look very similar to pimple patches. They can be cut to the size of the wound and some of them also have taping that makes them waterproof. In addition to cuts and scrapes, they can also be used on burn wounds. 


6. Disinfectant (소독약)

알콜스왑 (Alcohol Swab)

Individually packaged alcohol swabs, they are sold in boxes in pharmacies all around. I find it much easier to use these and I know for sure that they’re sealed and hygienic every time I use them. 


큐앤큐포비돈스틱스왑 (Q&Q Povidone Stickswab)

Think of these as large cotton swabs pre-soaked in iodine that you can easily carry around and are easy to access. This is best used after making sure that the wound or affected area is clean first. There are two sticks in each package so if you only use one, you can keep the other one in an airtight container for another day. 


7. Stomachaches

백초시럽 (Baekcho Syrup)

Do not give to children younger than 3 months old. For children under 1, please speak to a doctor first. 

Sold in bottles and in individual stick packets, this is best used if your child has an upset stomach and is throwing up and has diarrhea.


꼬마활명수 (Kids Whal Myung Su)

Consume as directed on the box, and it suggests that you consume one sachet every 4 hours, no more than 3 times a day. 

Again the little individual packets are the best, and this should be consumed when your kid has indigestion and is feeling nauseous and sick. 

Please check in with your pediatrician or family doctor if you’re unsure of using it! If you aren’t able to contact them right away, talking with a pharmacist can give you some insight as well. 


8. Miscellaneous

아이스 썸머쿨 (Ice Summer Cool)

Much like Bumooly Kids, it is used on bug bites, but especially mosquito bites! It, or a version of it called 물린디, can be found in most Korean households. The smell is very sharp and for most Koreans, it smells like the start of summer. It contains 0.385g/100g of Benzalkonium chloride.


다이노키키 프로바이오틱스 (Dinokiki Probiotics)

For when your kid just can’t go to the bathroom easily. These can be taken by itself but much more easily consumed mixed into yogurt. 

If symptoms get worse or you are unsure about using any of these products, please check in with a doctor. I’ve used all of these products on myself and on my little cousins without any harm but it may be different for each and every child. Please! Always ask your doctor if you are unsure! Please! 


Also, if you’re in the Seoul area, shopping at the pharmacies close to Dongdaemun and Dongmyo will deliver some discounts. If those locations are too far, make sure to choose a pharmacy close to you and stick to it! Although if you end up with a prescription from a clinic or hospital, you may only be able to fill it out at a pharmacy in the near vicinity. I hope that this will make stocking up your medicine cabinet with Korean essentials easier! 


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