Potty Training in Korea

While it is unlikely that you will find potty training in Korea to be hugely different from where you are, there can be some unexpected snafu heading your way. One thing that would immediately be a potential problem would be taking your child to a public restroom like those in a subway. There are two options available: The Western-style sit-down bowls and those that you squat and crouch down over. There are signs on the doors with pictures showing the two different types of restrooms. More likely than not, you’ll never have to teach your toddler how to use the squat-down bowls, but if you ever travel in the more rural areas of Korea, it might be the only option. Sometimes it’s the only option at small restaurants as well. It might be a good idea to at least go over the basics of the two should any emergencies ever arise. 


One thing that you will have to teach your son or daughter is to not throw the toilet paper right before they flush. While in the home it is common enough to flush down toilet paper, in schools and public restrooms, the rule is no flushing it down. This mostly comes from the fact that the Korean sewer and pipe system cannot handle having that much toilet paper being flushed down. 

Potty training in Korea like that in any country will require patience and calm. However, besides these two main points, it shouldn’t be all that different from that in Korea. Just like many industrialized countries, Korean stores (online and in person) offer different potty training chairs and urinals. That includes portable ones for trips and being in the car. You can check out some online options here: http://www.ebayshopkorea.com/main/optionSearch?categoryId=37631&keywords=baby&listingType=&. Or at other online stores like Gmarket or Craigslist.

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