Prenatal Care in Korea

One of the most important things to do when getting pregnant is making sure that you and your baby are getting the medical care you both need. As a “modern” country, Korea, especially Seoul, provides top-quality healthcare for pregnant women. While language barriers might be a first-step obstacle, you should have no difficulty finding a medical practitioner who can help you with all your pregnancy needs. While it’s easy enough to find English-speaking doctors through international clinics, try a large hospital near you first. A lot of Koreans are raised on English education, and doctors especially will have had to invest a lot of time in learning it because most of their medical knowledge is based on Latin and English. It’s not a guarantee that there will be someone there who can speak English, but if there is someone close to you, it could make commutes and your life much easier. That being said, there are many reliable doctors in international clinics who would be able to do an excellent job in keeping you and your baby healthy. Before going to these clinics, check individual doctors for their specialties, recommendations, and testimonials. You might also be able to call ahead about any concerns you have. Don’t forget to also do a compare and contrast of prices listed there. While many international clinics charge more for their language abilities and cultural savvy, you want to make sure not getting overcharged either. 


As it’s critical to get prenatal care as early as possible, you should find a doctor or a class as soon as possible. Appointments with a doctor generally occur over every 4 weeks. It’s important that you go to these appointments on a regular basis and that you are meeting with someone with whom you feel comfortable talking to. Fortunately, it’s not uncommon for clinics and hospitals to have ultrasound equipment readily available for their pregnant patients. However, if you find yourself unable to get an ultrasound with your doctor, you can have him or her recommend a local hospital where you can get it done. There are also certified labor experts in Korea you that you can contact that can give you supplemental information.


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